Lane Field

Leveraging history to inform the present and future of public space

Neighborhood ‘revitalization’ and urban ‘redevelopment’ take several iterations, sometimes multiple decades and a myriad of team members to make a vision a reality. SLP Urban Planning had the opportunity to be involved in various points along the way of the visioning, planning, development and activation of what was a historical landmark for the region: Lane Field.

The snapshot of early 2007 reflects an optimistic city with promising waterfront redevelopment opportunities and a network of infrastructure enhancement, which positioned Lane Field very well.

While many pieces of the project changed and adapted to market and civic forces, the planning principles regarding access, connectivity and activation continued to be a driving force of the vision. SLP Urban Planning guided a planning and outreach effort that led to the Lane Field Park design today (together with Mark Johnson + Civitas), which highlights the importance of the site’s history as San Diego Padres’ first ballpark. The local baseball historian, Bill Swank, was an invaluable collaborator.

The ultimate goal of being an activated and vibrant urban space has been realized, centered around a weekly artisan food market and events at various scales, managed by SLP’s Director of Strategic Activation, Ron Troyano.